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Analysis of the Status and Function of China 's Industrial System from multiple industries

日期: 2017-03-18
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According to the industrial system integrity, China has 39 industrial categories, 191 in the class, 525 sub-categories, the world's only have the United Nations industrial classification of all industrial categories of countries, the United Nations industry classification listed in all Industrial categories can be found in China. If a manufacturing company in China to fight half an hour to complete the matching work, to other countries may be half a month to get.

1. Modern industrial system, all the industry can be divided into a total of 39 industrial categories, 191 in the class, 525 sub-categories. The complete industrial system is more focused and large, not sophisticated.
2. According to the industrial system integrity to count, China has 39 industrial categories, 191 in the class, 525 sub-categories, the world's only have the United Nations industrial classification of all industrial categories of countries, the United Nations industry classification cited Of all industrial categories can be found in China. If a manufacturing company in China to fight half an hour to complete the matching work, to other countries may be half a month to get.
Then the United States, the specific data previously seen, and now can not find, but it should also occupy about 94%, and then Russia, the European Union, Japan barely considered the last (mainly civilian manufacturing system).
3. The role of a complete industrial system is mainly reflected in the external competitiveness and national defense and military strength.
In the foreign trade competition, the more perfect industrial system can reduce the industrial production costs, is conducive to the production of quality and cheap products, strengthen domestic products in the international trade in the competitive advantage. As a result of the impact of globalization, many raw materials, semi-finished products, products and other imports from abroad than domestic production more advantages, so to maintain a completely 100% of the industry is not necessary, but will increase the cost of the product. This is the reason that the industrial system of other countries except China is not absolutely complete.
A 100% industrial system, its greatest value embodied in the war, to produce all the war products and will not be foreign card neck. In a small country and a big country war, the big country can completely eliminate the small country with a few cutting-edge products, but the war between the big powers, the gap between the cutting-edge technology is not big enough to resist, so at this time, Batch and rapid production of mid-range weapons, than the slow production of a few expensive high-end weapons more practical significance, examples can see Germany and the Soviet Union tank war.
Since the end of World War II, the world is dominated by white people, monopolize the world's largest number of resources and profits, China in this international system, is a heterogeneous. The Communist Party has a word "to fight for peace, then peace and peace; to retreat to peace, then peace". China has not only followed the United States and the Soviet Union had two military conflicts and even war, and even encountered the Soviet Union and the United States to develop a common situation of carving up China, so the danger of subjugation in China's neck, an absolutely complete, not seeking outsiders industrial system , Has become China's most realistic choice.
Of course, until now, a complete industrial system of China's value is still very large, China's industrial upgrading is important. Even a variety of criticized high-tech products, China's technical capacity is also ranked in the world before the top few. Backward and advanced, to see with who, let alone Chinese technology to catch up, the speed of mergers and acquisitions so fast.
Why a complete industrial system is so important to a country. This is because, if the industrial system depends on the external, then the country's entire economic system in the conflict, it may be seriously damaged.
We have a simple example, North Korea is not always so miserable, in the past, North Korea has been living standards than China and South Korea are high. Later, the Soviet Union collapsed, collapsed by the mutual, North Korea can not get enough oil, mechanical parts, technology, so oil and oil collapse, mechanized the system collapsed, and become the way now. Of course, North Korea is a small country, which itself is not enough to accommodate a complete industrial system. This is also an advantage of China as a big country.
(Such as chips), if you are really cut off the supply, China can still produce low-end chip available, although the yield is relatively low, high power consumption, slow, but support the industrial system or Enough.
Therefore, the significance of the complete industrial system in national security is very significant. No matter which country wants to threaten the country, they are incapable of breaking the country's economic system through a trade embargo. Which makes a country in the international conflict to occupy a favorable position.
From the perspective of economic development, because a country's industry is relatively complete, foreign investment, it is easy to find manufacturers from the local, greatly reducing the cost of production (imported parts from foreign countries not only need to pay freight, often also pay tariffs ). This makes China even if labor costs have been significantly higher than in many developing countries, a large number of industries still have to stay in China (of course, the perfect infrastructure is also an important reason).
Therefore, a complete industrial system is not only good for national security, but also for economic development has a great help.
The earliest complete industrial system in China was established on 156 projects assisted by the Soviet Union. This makes even if China and the Soviet Union, the United States at the same time, the domestic economy will not collapse.
The world now has a complete industrial system, I am afraid only China, the United States, the European Union, Russia, more reluctantly. Japan is half, subject to natural resources more serious. Which the United States and the EU's strongest, basically all areas can reach the world's leading level. China in the basic materials, precision instruments, electronics and other aspects of the level of useful, but really poor. Russia is more serious degradation.
The United States does not produce a lot of things, not it can not produce. Just producing unprofitable. Specific technology, it is still there. Necessary time, the United States is still able to restore the relevant production capacity.
manufacturing. It is said that after a five-axis out, the price of foreign products directly waist cut. Moreover, the domestic five-axis is also said to be a variety of rough.
But this thing is poor for 100 years, it is someone else to eat meat you drink northwest wind Poor 60 years is someone else eat meat you drink leftovers Poor 10 years, you still soup, but people can only follow the soup.
This thing is not anxious to consume it. To do a good job to continue to lose decades of determination. Look at their own products do not earn much, but the price of imported products can not cut and then cut waist
Let's talk about the switch of the communications industry. Fifteen years ago, a board of 200,000. 10 years ago, 100,000. This is a normal technological advance. But please note that the technology is not used more NB. Are mature more than ten years of technology. But people monopoly technology, you can 5 years to reduce the price of half.
But the most pit is the baffle, on an iron plate, used to fill the empty slot, guide the air flow, control equipment temperature. 35 dollars a piece. 1 kg heavy. Is not stainless steel ... years do not cut prices. Can you say that this is a good technology? But people monopoly switch technology, other brands do not recognize, you dare yourself, people do not warranty the whole machine.
10 years ago, domestic switches began to have high-end products. BUG super multi. But the price is low, so since some small cities began to use. Spent three years, some stability, the failure rate is one and a half of the European and American products. The results came out, the import switch prices began diving process.
10 million of the board, 5 years after the 10 million, and then 5 years ... a lot of Europe and the United States plant has been gone ..As for the piece of 35 dollars of iron plate? Free delivery Later, it is clear that there is no iron plate is also nothing, do not match the ...this is the truth. It is not their own products are fine. But their ability to let foreigners honest prices.The latecomers are very sad, only Tolerance. So-called win-win. Is actually a beautiful lie.

The beginning is not behind the ability, people say ten thousand to ten thousand. Later, the laggards have some ability. People say I let none 5000, your product do not come out to grab the market ... ah, win ...
Before our national industry level is low. Cement mill mill with reducer, then the foreign reducer to sell 10 million a Taiwan, the domestic reducer also developed not to stabilize the product. Wait until after the localization of foreign large-scale reducer has been basically out of the domestic market. Because the domestic may be as long as three million. The same whole system of various equipment prices are down. And then have the domestic cement industry's great development, and then to today's cement prices have been reduced to white cabbage prices. And then the development of the cement industry have only Sinoma International, the world's largest cement engineering contractor's technology accumulation, creating today's Sinoma International's total overseas business accounted for 80 percent of their business. And then in turn created a Africa, Southeast Asia, the development of the cement industry. Can you imagine five years ago, Africa did not have a few cement plants, only the era of cement importers? So, listen to others that China is a developed country grinder, I listened so cool. The life of the Europeans is not out of thin air, when the Chinese people can not make things, they can put five dollars of things sold fifty times, there is no thought of your life, of which eighty percent is to pay To Europe and the United States to keep them can take a leisure holiday. So that they can not have a bullied face.
Or reducer industry. Look at how the European and American countries to the gentleman of the heart of the villain. Siemens acquired a company in 2005, for the giant is no big deal, 1.2 billion euros acquisition case, said big, that small is not small. But it profoundly affected the pattern of the world gear reducer industry. The acquired company called Flanders, is the first spot in the reducer industry. After being acquired by Siemens, Siemens filled himself in this piece of blank. But it is a terrible thing for GE, which has extensive competition with Siemens in many fields. Especially in the field of wind power, wind power host is the key part of the reducer, and before GE is mainly with Flanders to buy, and GE and Siemens in this area is the most direct opponent. The two are one of the US giants, one is the German giants, Flanders is also a German company. Even if not co-operation does not affect the GE and Flanders cooperation it, the end of the story should be everyone to a happy life fishes. Just that is the story. GE's most direct response is to find a business cooperation in China, cut off the cooperation with Flanders because they are afraid of Siemens in the crucial time card their own neck, so trained a Chinese enterprises, just a few years so that the enterprise From the output value from more than one billion to ten billion level, wind power host shipments in the world first. International giants are aware of being a card neck to be, I was thinking, so many industries in China after the Chinese people found that the original foreigners earned so much money, this example is too numerous to mention the case, many people still in a pure The look of foreigners, the silly it is still naive?
Do you think that manufacturing is what you can buy? You can buy what you want to buy?
I want to say is that a kind of instrument, if not made, then foreign products will be doubled to sell you the price. Only the real competitiveness of domestic products produced, their prices will be similar to the sharp decline.Unable to industrialization means the need for high-priced purchases in the international market, at any time facing technical blockade and prohibit exports.Can not be industrialized means that the domestic demand for a large number of procurement only the last fattening a number of comprador, and our engineering students only a group of top people to join the international high-tech enterprises to get paid, others can only hard to join Foundries.Give you a well-known example of the industry, and a shallow discussion.
1. Integrated circuit industry localization.
Whether the precision machine tools, CNC machine tools and other basic industries, or missiles, radar, ships, aerospace and other cutting-edge industries, need integrated circuits as the core. In the early 80s of last century, 8086 chips need to import, that time the country how much foreign exchange? By the export of textile handicrafts exports of furniture for the exchange of foreign exchange, and then spend a high price from the international market to buy 8086/8088 this minimal cost of the chip, and high-end chip was suddenly blocked by the Batumi, this acid cool, just people fed up.
Microelectronics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua Microelectronics, Fudan Microelectronics and a number of microelectronics by the main work is to deal with many countries in China microelectronics industry mainstream manufacturing technology implementation of the technical blockade, that stage, microelectronics main Work is the development of integrated circuit production process. In short, when a microelectronics made 0.6um of integrated circuit production process, we will show the US Emperor and Pakistan a message: China has mastered the technology, your country if you continue to block 0.6um process Of the chip exported to China, or sell high prices to China, then the country will use five years to develop and produce, no longer import your country chip. So the US imperial industry associations will lobby the Congress to open the export of this product to China.
China is still in the import of a large number of chips, but on the one hand, the end of the chip and the following is absolutely domestic, only imported high-end chips
Tell you a story, we do analog integrated circuits and RF circuits, if you want to learn some important foreign chip, then how to do it? We will first polish the package, and then remove the chip; with etching way to remove the layers of the upper layer of the coating, and then photographed, artificial plaster layout, analysis of the circuit, with Spectrum simulation tool for simulation, Ohyeah! Despicable study, understanding, digestive ability to laugh the world.
Rely on such a barbaric means of growth, from 90 years ago began to develop integrated circuit industry, the industry first to master the advanced manufacturing process as the goal of cutting-edge research and development, access to new chip import rights; and then through a number of channels to seek the world's advanced chip generation (SMIC) in 2004, began to encourage the development of integrated circuit industry, the major colleges and universities each year at least more than 2,000 engineers to transport to the IC industry. 07 years when the Xi'an side of Infineon, Qimonda and other IC companies have developed a booming fire.
Do not know when the financial crisis in 2009, there is no company which acquired the international IC industry core technology, but I know that by 2014, in the integrated circuit industry developed 25 years later, the North Microelectronics independent research and development of 12 Inch 28nm plasma silicon etching machine through the SMIC (SMIC) production line to verify the whole process, and get orders. This TMD is a breakthrough!
2. Rail transit equipment localization
To keep up with the pace of development of the international community is very difficult, China can not be long in the international industry chain at the low end, in key technologies and key equipment can not be long-term by others. China can not buy a modern from abroad. (Unless the 1.3 billion people work overtime to cultivate the textile to support the modern life of 50 million people)
The field of rail transit is a standard example. Remember that in 2010, the NDRC has awarded a total of 25 + 10 of 35 cities in 50 subway lines, the cost of each subway is about 20 billion, of which mechanical and electrical equipment (locomotives, rails, shield machines, catenary, , Automatic ticket sales, etc.) at least 8 billion, 50 lines is 400 billion. Only the formation of China's rail transit equipment R & D and manufacturing system, in order to effectively reduce the cost of subway.


If you buy all imported equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment costs at least 50% to float, and spent so much money, who got the benefits? International product manufacturer! Their gross margin at least 50% or more, so the product manufacturer's engineers to work 5 days a week, working five hours a day, a year more than a month holiday, to China are business class + five-star hotel. Product agents spent 5% of commercial costs take about 8% of the profits, 17% of value-added tax (subway construction is the central and local government investment, value-added tax is left hand right), import tax rebate, customs clearance of what, agents Made a 400 billion business, leaving only 30 billion in profits, only directly created about 3,000 jobs.
If the realization of localization, 400 billion of industrial sales will feed the number of people? Anyway, Huawei has 239 billion yuan in 2013 sales, 150,000 employees (Huawei's staff is still very high wages), Huawei to outsource or under the package of supporting enterprises are also countless; 400 billion mechanical and electrical equipment procurement to create 400,000 People above the job, I think it is more conservative.
40 million high-income groups can drive the consumption of entertainment and entertainment home appliances market?
Therefore, the industry to establish a complete industrial system, in key technologies and equipment to achieve localization, is the real common prosperity of the method. Otherwise only a handful of people get rich.
Casually speak of AFC (automatic fare collection system) made the story. The protagonist is Shanghai Hua Hong. Shanghai Rail Transit Line 1 AFC all from the United States CUBIC company's products, in September 1998 to complete Line 1 debugging. March 1999 operation. However, the shortcomings of all imports are expensive, high operating costs, the key technical secrets lead to system maintenance and upgrade difficulties, spare parts shortage, senior maintenance personnel to fly from the United States, and working hours from the United States began to calculate. So in the line 3 tender, the government asked foreign suppliers to provide domestic measures, then by the Shanghai Hua Hong and Spain INDRA company consortium bid, in the implementation of the gradual realization of application software localization, maintenance of parts of the localization.
In fact, this time the level of Shanghai Hua Hong is still limited, but the government can not afford to support - the Government that Shanghai Hua Hong initially with the independent design and manufacturing capabilities, so in the end of 2001 line 1 extension of the AFC tender, Shanghai Hua Hong With 60 million price to kill the CUBIC company, and real in 2004 to live dry, and cultivate a ticket, was high-tech modern, Shanghai Post, Shanghai Huateng like the unit and then a high digging - to In 2008, the domestic AFC industry is basically no foreign company what happened.
A line of a billion contract amount, 50 lines were Shanghai Huateng, Shanghai Hua Hong, Nanjing Panda, Hyundai Hyundai, Founder, Zhejiang University of these new units to divide up the bulk.
And this time, Shanghai Hua Hong also told Fudan Microelectronics (you see me the first one that is microelectronics Well!) Cooperation, the whole system can provide domestic products, but also led the development of microelectronics industry.The story of the powerful place is that from the introduction of technology to kicked foreigners, only 8 years less than the time, but also trained a large number of practitioners.
3. Petrochemical industry in the field of domestic equipmentThe size of the previous two examples are not big, the real big head here! I would like to ask: What is the basic production of a million population area?
Answer: small coal mines, small steel plants, small machinery factory, small fertilizer plants, small cement plants, small power plants, small textile mills, small printing plant, small food factory.
In fact, the 1970 countries to develop a fourth five-year plan when proposed a program, the specific content is allocated by the central government of 8 billion yuan of special funds to support the development of small provinces and autonomous regions, small steel plants, small fertilizer plant , Small cement plants and small machinery factory and other five categories of industrial projects.
At that time, the second large-scale complete sets of technical equipment, the actual implementation of a total of 26 projects, of which more than 1 billion yuan investment in Liaoyang Petrochemical Plant (2.9 billion yuan), Wuhan Iron and Steel one meter seven mill (RMB2.7 billion), Daqing Fertilizer Plant (Yen loan, exchange rate adjustment, investment increased to 2.67 billion yuan), Shanghai Petrochemical Plant (2 billion yuan), Tianjin Petrochemical Plant (1.35 billion yuan)
Note that this is 17.65 billion in 1970, when the official exchange rate is the yuan against the dollar is 2.46 Oh! $ 47 billion! The The 1970 foreign exchange reserves spent only 20 million US dollars, until 1975, only 500 million US dollars of foreign exchange reserves! The The In addition, China's money supply in 1979 was 2.6 billion yuan, GDP of 27.2 billion US dollars (figures are from the network, please people of insight hit face)
China that foreign exchange, brought the introduction of ethylene fertilizer plant is not enough, but also want to buy what TV?
More than 13 sets of equipment, in addition to hole nitrogen, Anqing, Zhijiang three sets of equipment to naphtha as raw materials, the rest are natural gas as raw materials.
10 sets of natural gas as the raw material of the main technology importing countries for the United States and the Netherlands, synthetic ammonia plant using the United States Kellogg production process, urea plant using the Netherlands Starka state carbon dioxide stripping production process. Some companies have adopted the Japanese ammonia engineering company ammonia / urea process.
An acre of land a year to use 10 kg of fertilizer, the introduction of 3.9 million tons of fertilizer production equipment, about 260 million people to meet the fertilizer needs.
We are relying on the introduction of equipment and technology, the deployment of human resources research, such as 110,000 tons of ethylene equipment research, 300,000 tons of ethylene equipment research, large fertilizer research, and so on, relying on that year is good at learning, learning, research predecessors The efforts of a bite down the petrochemical plant production line, directly or indirectly to solve the problem of eating.
Do not take this, without these basic industrial system, light a low precision precision lathe can you 3 million, high-end embargo, not to mention what propeller, submarine, big plane. To the people here, a deal with the green car deal with it
1. LCD panel industry.
In 2004, I was a product manager in a country when the 15inch panel was. At that time I was a graduate graduate just work less than two years of Lengtou Qing. The whole team spent three months to do the design, a month to do masking material, 2 months try to do, formally put into production before our estimated cost is 220 dollars per piece. This time the market price of 260 dollars. 6 months later we have about 25% of the world's 15inch market share, this time the market price is terrible 160 US dollars, our cost is 180 US dollars, loss of grandma home do not know.
We can go to see BOE earnings, ah basically three years of profit once Oh. According to the market economy, this enterprise should be closed? But you count, the general relationship in 2005, the Chinese panel industry for every loss of 1 dollar, China's LCD monitors and TV companies will cost 20 dollars. This is the power of localization.
Thanks BOE, tianma, SVA, TCL these years of efforts and pay, no panel industry countries a huge investment, there is no domestic TV industry's success. The Chinese government investment in the LCD panel industry is about 100 billion, while the 2014 China LCD TV production of 140 million units, how many years into the TV industry to earn back a few months.

2.The example is the new energy I am doing now.
In 2010, we and all the gas international giants, including linde, AL, AP, are the world's top 500 companies to talk about the supply of an alkane gas. Their offer is very close, 45000 a kilogram, even if we know that the cost behind their suppliers in the 25000 below. And then we strive to cultivate a domestic supplier in Fujian, the higher the cost of some 28000 level, we use 31000 price to buy. And then less than a year, these five hundred came to us, and said 27000 sold to you. According to some free market economy believers point of view, we should abandon the domestic manufacturers, and large foreign companies to cooperate? The genius is so dry. We are very clear that this domestic death, these foreign predators will not hesitate to raise prices to more than 40,000. By the way, and we are negotiating, are these international companies in China subsidiary of the Chinese counterparts comprador.
Another example, 2013, we acquired a US company, the company debt-ridden, if the Chinese tyrants do not shot, absolutely dead and transparent. Even so, the acquisition by the US imperial parliamentary antitrust investigation, the acquisition delayed for three months. The so-called antitrust, the process of the US imperialists really concerned about is not a monopoly, but our business and the Chinese government relations, and the resulting military applications of technology.
The company's production technology requires the use of 0.5 mm thick wound steel plate, when we want to produce in China after the production, the United States and Japan's suppliers have said that China can not export, because according to the provisions of the Pakistan, this is a strategic material Embargo on China. And in our agreement with Baosteel from Baosteel began to produce this steel plate samples 6 months later, the US imperial decisive to cancel the steel plate on China's embargo.
So why should industrialization of domestic? Because the world is not a free market economy, is still a typical jungle rule. Any time, only you can make out, do not talk to you about the free market. When you can not make it, face it, or be dumped at high prices, or a complete embargo.
 Of course, if our goal is not industrialization, just the development and development of services, the goal is to export human and raw materials abroad, plus high-level dumping, that made nothing really necessary.
Do some explanation, the latter two examples we are already private enterprises, although the giant level of private enterprises, but the property is private enterprises.
International blockade is not only for state-owned enterprises, private enterprises are the same, as long as you are Chinese enterprises. And break this monopoly, private enterprises in the same effort.
Think of the Generalissimo of Chiang Kai-shek who so kind, the Japanese man made a Jinan tragedy, the Northern Expedition on the bypass; Japanese 918, do not resist, waiting for the League of Nations sanctions. What is this friendly group of people in the international community? But the outcome of the Generalissimo is a Chinese, but also a Chinese rich and powerful, not beaten not hungry ambition. Is not some people that "do not do the dog does not matter, as long as the people live well." China so much, do the dog, the people can be good? Sludge, Manchuria was remembered. People occupy the fertile land mine, the Chinese people do hard labor, and then eat rice flour is the economic crime is also gang of people looking forward to. 45 years of victory in the war, the Generalissimo almost the first time to put their nuclear weapons on the agenda. Wu Dayou, Mr. Hua Luogeng are the person in charge of the plan. Yang Zhenning, Li Zhengdao, Zhu Guangya this group of students is going to learn nuclear technology. This time our ally Americans stand, do not want to think. Tsinghua lead, Peking University to participate, hire Mr. Qian Sanqiang to build nuclear energy research institute. The results of Mr. Qian in China's own customs was detained for two months, the US Embassy letter in the Institute, all obstacles. Some of these letters were left by the Mayor of the United States, can be used to make friends think that Chiang Kai-shek in China can do a good friend with the world, people do not card neck childish patients.
Add a sentence: the general nuclear energy research equipment, materials and weapons-grade equipment, material gap is great. With most people understand that Japan's so many nuclear power plants, so that he immediately made a nuclear weapon out is impossible. The liberation of Qian Qiang to the international community to buy experimental equipment can not buy. This time the country did not "station wrong team", right? Turkey is not the wrong team? Others sell his missiles without technology transfer. China to sell him cheap, including technology transfer. The United States, NATO came to pressure. The purpose of pressure is simply not the proliferation of weapons, but their own to sell their own weapons.
People do not sell to China, in the final analysis is too big in China, the potential is too large, no one is willing to cultivate a strong opponent. What ideology is "let you wear a hat" "let you do not wear a hat" excuse. Sino-Soviet friendship, the United States to sell the black hawk, F15 is also almost, because this time you useful ah, what is your ideology, with me to contain the Soviet Union on the line. France can not make hydrogen bombs, allies United States did not sell him to the United Kingdom ah, and finally TG did not talk about technical exchange. "Advanced technology can not rely on the introduction of" This is the lessons of several generations of Chinese people.
Indians Well, Democracies, America and the Soviet Union. India is now the world's biggest comeback. To support the United States, Russia, France, Britain and several large arms dealers. Expensive outrageous do not say, often delayed delivery, and then blackmail a pen. India such a friend, the world will like ah. If China is so, it will not be "the world is enemies". Is this what we want? China to their own hard earned money to take the bulk of the people how to improve life?
A few years ago quarrel fierce rare earth monopoly, but also quite interesting. In the past, a commodity bull market, all resource prices are rising, rare earth so scarce strategic resources do not rise or fall. Then the Chinese would like to raise a price slightly. Others quit, that you engage in monopoly. Iron ore rose, rare earth rose not? Well, people are democracies, monopolies of democracies are not monopolies, manipulation is not manipulation. Well, we can continue to be cheap and happy to play with the world! What are you all cheaper to rely on to improve people's lives?
Industrialization can not guarantee the localization of all domestic products at the lowest price, but to ensure that the lowest price of a package of products. Pick individual goods in China than abroad to prove that China's higher prices are partial to the whole. Please explain why the United Nations data China's purchasing power (ppp) GDP over the United States, while the dollar dollars ranked second. Please do not understand your own make up classes.
Then people suggested that we put out a penicillin plant it. Song Ziyuan speech, the United States can produce, why do you want to build their own? This is the year the most central people's knowledge.
Then there is a kind of called the comprador of the existence of their wealthy. Many of them are even commendable. One of the foundations of these people is the monopoly of trade profits. When you can not produce the same product, this profiteering is very amazing.
Film era, the world has only four countries of mature color glue technology. The United States, Germany, Japan. China called Le Kai, yes, very 矬. But if you sell 15, Kodak is hard to sell in China. While in the Soviet Union, the price may be sold to 100. Then the price of the Soviet Union under the net welfare loss is 70 yuan. Assuming that the Russian comprador class does not hold the US green card, only earn 10 profits. The actual result is the loss of 60 overall national well-being, creating a very few rich people. No matter how the transaction process is legally how to buy and sell fair, it does not bring a real sense of fairness.
Interested friends can do a few price comparison curve. Look at ABB, Schneider relay protection equipment in Chint, Delixi market share in the process of expansion of the price changes. Look at Motorola, Ericsson base station equipment in Huawei, ZTE share changes in the process of change. Do not feel like we are ordinary people do not matter, all the infrastructure is the ultimate bearer of a national. 


Do business business, but how to be a big problem. Make the Nixi Lin plant to spend money, yes, and even spend money wasted. That's right. Do you want to eat? All have the possibility of failure. But first-class enterprise-class countries must be hesitant to invest.
Comparative advantage "through fair trade can benefit both sides. This is itself to be bound, in this real world is often not available.For a while Côte d'Ivoire produced a miracle of the economy, they can have a comparative advantage. In the past two years have been harvested. Junior high school geography has not spoken.When the famine is not critical, the substitutability of agricultural products is actually much higher than the industrial products. China such a large population of such a population base, not complete industrialization does not achieve The autonomy of the industrialization of the core industry is no future.
Advanced technology can not rely on the introduction of "This sentence is a painful lesson after the insights.
Finally tell a story.
Chen Zhiwu: "I am in a book preface, said a lot of the National Defense Science and Technology Professor is very angry words: National Defense Science and Technology Galaxy Computer Department spent so much money, is to the future of China's computer museum to provide a lot of exhibits in addition to not enjoy Any of the benefits. (Boao Forum) "There is no borders of economics, and economists have countries. Professor Chen really is an American.
Take a look at history:
In November 1949, a number of countries in the United States and Western Europe jointly established a Coordinating Committee on Multilateral Export Control, headquartered in Paris, also known as the "Paris Co-ordinating Committee", the "
After the announcement of the success of the Galaxy I billion machine, the OAU released its billion sales to China; after the announcement of the Galaxy II billion machine, the Battalion had released billions of machines to sell in China ... ...We have 1.3 billion people, accounting for 1/5 of the world's total population.
For the countries of Britain, France and Germany, the population of about 60 million, a lot of things are their own production or to the international market to buy, up to the global supply and demand changes in the rate of one hundred percent, little impact on the market, the total amount of relatively Not high, the price can be less sensitive.
Japan 120 million, South Korea only 50 million, the United States also 300 million.But China is not the same, 1.3 billion people if the full push to the international market, is a strong impact on the entire market supply and demand. They can produce and export low-end market, and now simply expect all other countries, a consumer, almost 1/3 of the supply and demand changes, this order of magnitude changes will lead to raw material prices, global processing distribution, industry distribution and a series The dramatic changes in the elements, and ultimately reflected in the product price, may be several times the price of their own production, that is made in China when the per capita 10 dollars of things, if not produced from abroad may have to spend 50.
This extra 40, 400, 4000 multiplied by 1.3 billion, is able to produce the country because of technological advantages from China can get the profits, this part of the profits so that they only tens of millions of people to subordinate the lives of developed countries , That is, China can do to save their own money.
Even the price has been more transparent industry, but also their own engage, because the total market of 1.3 billion people is too large, and China's human and capital resources is far from saturation, the use of factors of production and local advantages can completely digest the market , And then look at the international market, Buzhi Yu appeared in the industrial distribution of deformity, and when the industry upgrade immediately to keep up with even the opportunity to lead.
So unless it is not needed in China, or to have little, and other things can be dragged to the domestic to do, try to do, can do more, try to do more.In recent years, the price of television dropped sharply, millet TV 2,40 inches actually as long as 1999 Because there are two companies, one called the BOE, a company called Huaxing photoelectric,I would like to thank those who wore the loss to continue to operate.Why should the industrialization of localization, is to let us have a face is not bullied.
What is the face of being bullied? See Turkey's Air Defense Missile Procurement Program in 2009!
Turkey belongs to NATO members, the tender is the EU's Aster missiles, Patriots 3, China's red flag 9 and the Russian S300. Americans have reported high prices, do not allow the transfer of technology, do not let the assembly of Turkey production, the Russian Yang Feng Yin against, only willing to provide S300, do not want to provide S400, price astronomical, European Aster missiles do not want to transfer technology.
Only the Chinese price is appropriate, the performance of the middle side, but also willing to transfer technology. and then? And then announced that China won the bid, then? Forced by NATO and the pressure of the United States, Turkey was forced to suspend the contract!
 What is the face of being bullied? This is the face of being bullied!
Say a topic of transport, China has bought dozens of Iraqi Il 76, because we can not create the Grand Canal. Later, because of the cost, we do not want to increase the cost, the contract was frozen. Recently, Russia said, or upgrade to the Iraqi 476 forget, but you have to increase the cost of China directly to the refusal, plus the cost do not even think, and quickly to Iraq to take me 476, do not nonsense, Lao Tzu's transport 20 almost a few years will be able to fly, afraid you fart!
No industrialization of domestic, where the rapid development of the economy, there is no domestic, we can have so many high-speed rail? Can our high iron can be exported to foreign countries? No Liu Zhijun that big corrupt officials or technology transfer, let us cottage or roll the festival exercises, you have to go out to take a car!

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