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China's Semiconductor impact chips into the leading position in 2030 year

日期: 2017-03-18
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TSMC Chairman Zhang Zhongmou recently accepted the "Wall Street Journal" interview mentioned the next wave of threats from mainland China. "The New York Times" also reported that the mainland use of pressure and money, vigorously foundry industry, hope 2030 to achieve world leadership.


According to New York, following the development of smart phones, computers, complex network equipment, the mainland to double the strength of the design and construction of electronic products to support the chip. Light last year imported $ 232 billion in semiconductor products, higher than oil.


Reported that in order to shorten the distance with the development of national industries, the Beijing authorities to invest heavily to obtain foreign chip company experience. Experts also claimed that the chip industry is one of the main focus of espionage in mainland China.


Mainland China by Vice Premier Ma Kai led the establishment of a mission group, hoping to reach the world in 2030 chip manufacturing leading position. According to McKinsey & Company, a management consultancy, the team includes four ministries, which are expected to invest $ 170 billion in the semiconductor industry over the next five to ten years.


Daniel H.Rosen, founder of Rhodium Group, said: "The situation is very clear, the semiconductor and the chip is particularly urgent sense," especially for the mainland, completely dependent on foreign imports of high-end The chip is vital to the national security of the continent.


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