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Analysis of Servo Motor Market Scale and Brand Competition

日期: 2017-03-18
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 AC servo system has undergone a transition from analog to digital, and the digital control loop is now ubiquitous, such as

 commutation, current, speed and position control; new power semiconductor devices, high performance DSP plus FPGA, and

servo dedicated modules are available. International manufacturers of servo products will be replaced every 5 years, the new

power devices or modules every 2 to 2.5 years will be updated once, the new software algorithms are changing, in short, the 

product life cycle is getting shorter and shorter.


In recent years, domestic and foreign manufacturers have introduced the exchange of servo motion control of new

technologiesand new products, such as closed-loop AC servo drive technology, linear motor drive technology, PCC technology,

based on the field bus AC servo motion control technology, Control card, DSP multi-axis motion controller. Summing up domestic

and foreign servo manufacturers of technical routes and product lines, combined with changes in market demand, you can see

some of the latest market trends.



1. The domestic market size and the basic trend

Domestic market for mobile servo market in 2006 about 20 billion yuan, the market size in recent years has maintained a greater

 than 25% compound annual growth rate, in all automation products is undoubtedly the fastest growing list. And with the world's

manufacturing industry to accelerate the transfer to China, domestic NC equipment in the national policy support to the rapid

development of high-performance, high value-added, domestic AC servo system cost-effective rapid increase in AC servo system

 market will continue to maintain rapid growth Momentum, is expected to 2010, the average annual growth rate will be about 20%

 floating. China's servo products are mainly distributed in East China, South China and North China, of which the East China

market (Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Shandong) accounted for 45% to Guangdong-based South China and Beijing and

Tianjin-based North China each about 15%. Central and northeast is about 10%. East China market is the largest consumer

market, and this trend will continue. The current domestic users to buy factors, accounting for the top three is the stability of

reliability, price and service. This also shows that the current domestic AC servo market is still in the lower stage, the full use of

performance and functionality is not placed in the heavy position. In the long run, the key success factor for servo manufacturers

 should be the product's price / performance ratio, reliability, technical content, and market share and brand impact.


2. Competitive situation of domestic market brand


Domestic exchange servo market current brand competition situation and 10 years ago, the inverter market is very similar. At that

 time imports (mainly Japan Fuji and three Ken) products accounted for more than 90% market share, after 10 years of struggle,

domestic frequency converter has occupied the low-end market, in the entire market share with imported products dichotomy,

and The emergence of a number of powerful, but also technology manufacturers, including Lide Huafu in the high-power inverter

 market segment to obtain an absolute lead. Domestic exchange servo motion control manufacturers in learning foreign

advanced technology at the same time, have also developed a number of special industry applications for patents and general

products, and in the market expectations of good evaluation. From the manufacturers point of view, the Japanese brand in the

price has certain advantages in performance and can meet the needs of small Chinese manufacturers of machinery, so in this

statistics, Matsushita Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric and Sanyo has occupied the entire exchange Servo motion

control products nearly half of the market capacity, in the forefront of the market. In addition, other such as Fuji, Omron, etc. in

some industrial areas also outstanding performance, and led its own development of other series of products. Compared with

other imported products, Japan's exchange of servo products is the advantage of price, is specialized and systematic. From this

level speaking, AC servo control product brand evolution for a long time will be the Japanese brand-oriented. Europe and

United States brands such as Siemens, Rexroth and Lenz in high-end equipment and production lines occupy a certain share,

with high performance and high price characteristics, of which Siemens is the most typical. Other European and American brands

 are AB, Schneider, Danah, Kirby, GE, B & R, etc. in its specific areas to maintain a high growth. The last two years from

Taiwan's servo manufacturers set up factories in the country, and increased the intensity of marketing, mainly Delta and TECO,

its technical level and price levels are living in the import of mid-range products and domestic brands, In the competition mainly

highlight the advantages of cost-effective, domestic brands have brought new competitive pressures, market share from a few

years ago insignificant to about 5%. China's domestic brands are mainly and when the motor, Huazhong NC, wide number,

Lanzhou motor, etc., recently appeared in Nanjing Eston, Shanghai Erdos, Sony, JaBao and other manufacturers, rough

calculation, claiming the introduction of AC servo products manufacturers No less than 20.


Looking to the future, with the continuous decline in servo prices, AC servo market acceptance continues to rise in the low-end

market has a very large room for growth, so local manufacturers will still have a lot; while Taiwan, Japanese manufacturers will

also be in the whole Market expansion in the benefit of Europe and the United States brand market share will gradually decline,

but will still maintain a high level of gross margin. Domestic brands not only in the product performance, quality and variety are

lacking in the technical reserves, production capacity and capital strength on the huge gap is not a day or two can make up.

Domestic brands in order to break through, in addition to the need for patience and sustained investment, but also in the

competitive strategy to take different routes.


In short, the Chinese brand manufacturers at the same time facing enormous challenges and development opportunities, long way to go.


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AC servo system has undergone a transition from analog to digital, and the digital control loop is now ubiquitous, such as commutation, current, speed and position control; new power semiconducto...
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