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This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?

日期: 2017-03-18
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This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?




German nation was late to start the industrialization, and when Britain and France completed the industrial revolution, Germany was an agricultural country. German people also into the industrial which is the similar to the "cottage stage" of China : As for British, France learning, stealing people's technology, imitation of people's products. To this end, the British Parliament, in particular, on August 23, 1887 through the "Trademark Law" to amend the requirements of all the British and colonial markets into the German imports must be marked "Made in Germany." "Made in Germany" was actually a symbol of insulting color.




This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?



Germany entered the era of industrialization, the university's scientific research is completely out of line with the production area. Although the "World Science Center" in Germany, but the Americans are very smart, they get a degree in Germany to return home, not blindly went to college to do research work, but to enter the market to do business.

In the early nineteen ninties, German scientists went to the United States to see and found that the US industrial products, the highest gold content, which clearly put forward the "combination of theory and practice" approach, and began to vigorously promote the development of applied science. As Germany has a solid foundation of basic science, it quickly established a link between scientific theory and industrial practice, which together in half a century of world-class team of scientists, engineers and skilled workers team together, Led the "internal combustion engine and the electrification revolution", the German industrial economy has been leap-style development.


Since then, Germany's machinery, chemicals, electrical appliances, optics, until the kitchen utensils, sporting goods have become the world's most sophisticated products, "Made in Germany" has become synonymous with quality and credibility. Germany's most famous companies, almost all grew up from that era. They have maintained a worldwide reputation until today.





This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?




Cherish "behind the name" is not greedy "immediate"


Deutsche is not a "gregarious old" nation, the Germans like to have experienced things, there are historical memories of things, there are cultural memories of things. I know a German professor, his family is now the last century 60's wood box production as large as the tube radio, because of good quality, still in use. I asked him, "Do you still use such an old thing?" He said. "Oh, when I saw it, I remembered the story that happened to me at the time of my childhood. For me, it was more than anything else. To be precious!


German production of ball-point pen fell to the ground more than 10 times, picked up can still be used. Germany built residential housing 120 years will not fall, that is destroyed by the war, the Germans must also be rebuilt as it is.


There is a picture of the German building, called "the same in Germany", to show the German after World War II repair house, completely medieval late Baroque era and Rococo era style. why? After the end of World War II, almost all of Germany's cities have become a ruin, those old houses are basically destroyed by the war, the Germans are very distressed, because the Germans is like their own culture. How to do? German life and death should also find out the photos of the year, the design of the year to find out, must be repaired as originally a seat up. Today you go to Germany to see, most of the city is no modern architecture, almost all Baroque, Rococo era style.




This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?




Germany has a king opera house in World War II by the US aircraft all blow up, the Germans feel so incredible, the opera was built over the past 200 years was built, the result was destroyed. How to do? After World War II the Germans put this piece of ruins circle up, engage in a group of scientists, cultural scientists, archaeologists, architects, skilled workers, about hundreds of people, spent 35 years, Tile and re-installed back, and now you look at this royal opera house, how can not see the bomb fried later re-installed back, this building has become a "world cultural heritage." "The action itself belongs to the world's cultural heritage," says the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is because of Germany's love, respect for their own culture to the point so, so called "the same change in Germany."


As Germany's economic development does not rely on the real estate market, so a German architect is difficult to get a construction project, finally in the standard, it will be carefully designed, we must make it into an art, must make it Flow of the world. So in Germany, you will never see that there are two buildings that will be the same. So people say that the German architects are not "immediate", but "behind the name".




This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?





A person who only do a business


At a press conference, a foreign journalist asked Peter von Siemens: "why a 80 million population of Germany, there will be more than 2,300 world famous brand?" The president of the Siemens company is to answer him: "This is the attitude of our German work, is the attention of each production technology details, our German employees bear the obligation to produce first-class products, to provide a good after-sales service obligations."

At that time the reporter asked him: "The ultimate goal of the enterprise is not to maximize profits? What is the obligation to do it?" Siemens president replied, "No, it is Anglo-American economics, we have their own economics The economics of the Germans pursued two points:


First, the production process of harmony and security;

Second, the practicality of high-tech products.


This is the production of the soul, rather than what the maximum profit. Business operation is not only for economic interests, in fact, to comply with corporate ethics, better manufacturing products, but also our German companies born with the vocation and obligations! "When it comes to" duty "up," what is the meaning of "duty" is "God wants you to do."

In Germany, no business is overnight riches, quickly become the focus of the world. They are often focused on a field, a product of the "small company", "slow company", but very few "poor company", there is no "fake company". Most of them are more than 100 years experience, a high degree of focus on product quality and value of the world famous company, also known as "invisible champion." Germany has a wine workshop, almost 400 years. World War II was accidentally left, very lucky not been American aircraft bombing. Germany Ma brand tire company was established in 1871, and now almost every prefecture-level city has its branch. Germany's Adidas company was founded in 1920, so far there are more than 94 years of history. You can see that such companies in Germany are old.




This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?




German products do not fight the price war, not with the peer competition, one is due to industry protection, and second, because the price is not decided everything, price war may make the whole industry into a vicious circle. German companies are to pursue profits, but as long as they can guarantee the basic profits, money to earn, the Germans are not so insatiable, endless pursuit of profits, but to consider more long-term, sustainable development. Therefore, the Germans prefer "to ensure that the basic profit at the same time, so that part of the profits into a higher quality products and more perfect service."


I have talked with a manager of a Philharmonic pot shop in Berlin, and I said, "You can use the German pot for 100 years, so every one is lost and a customer is lost People do not have to find you.You see people Japanese man made pot, with 20 years on the end, and every 20 years you have to find him again. Think about it, you draw it? Why do you make things so strong Do you have to make a little more money?




This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?




Explore the essence, consider the long term


Today, only three cities in Germany, namely Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, was designated as "international city", later fight to also declared as "undefended city", other cities are small and medium-sized cities. The vast majority of Germans live in the city of 50,000 people, 100,000 people, 150,000 people, 200,000 people, even the city of 500,000 people, the Germans feel too big. German city scenery almost all have this feature: the highest point of the city skyline must be the steeple of the church, any building can not exceed it.


I talked with a German professor about the question: why did the Germans do the punctuality? He said: "The city is small, it is easy to punctual. In order to punctual, but also have to design a little smaller city.You want to 'car popular era' do the city traffic jam, need two conditions. The second condition is that any city must have half of the space is the road. As long as you do at the same time, you have to do more than five floors in Germany, you want to build six or more tall buildings, must pass the parliament to vote through the job. To the two, the city will not traffic jams.


Today Germans are usually only in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt high-rise buildings, it is also a world-class high-rise, but there is a condition, this high-rise from any direction down, can not be pressed to another building. So the higher the building, the more left behind the larger space. This is called "to explore the nature of things, to determine the long-term strategy." When the Germans build a house, it is important to take into account what happens when it falls.




This country only 80 million people, why can appear 2300 brand in the world ?




Germany does not believe inexpensive


"Made in Germany" advantage is not the price, even the Germans themselves have admitted that "German goods is the price of cheap goods." You can talk with the Japanese price, but you talk about the price with the Germans, a knife can not cut down. Germans do not even recognize the "inexpensive" thing. "Made in Germany" has the advantage of its quality, it solves the problem of proprietary technology, it's excellent after-sales service. German enterprises to develop the general products are the world's leading level, difficult, other countries can not create a moment out of the product. Germany more than 30% of export commodities, in the international market are not exclusive products of competitors. German production of industrial products, large digging subway boring machine, small secretarial work in the stapler, from the quality of the world are the first.

All products for children under 3 years of age in Japan must not contain any artificial additives, must be natural; all milk powder is listed as drug regulation; all maternal and child products are only allowed to be sold in pharmacies and are not allowed to be sold in supermarkets; all chocolates are prescribed To use natural cocoa butter as raw material processing and production; all health care skin care brands must have their own laboratory and plant plantations to ensure that the natural organic quality.


German production of non-industrial use of chemical products, such as cleaning agents, hand sanitizers, detergent, in addition to the effectiveness of cleaning and sterilization, the vast majority of the use of biodegradable technology, that is, by microbial decomposition of the chemical composition, The chemical damage to the human body to a minimum. German production of the kettle, both filter inorganic harmful substances, but also filter organic harmful substances, and rich in magnesium. After the filter by the German water filter, the water is slightly sweet.

German pot with a natural anti-bacterial and high temperature nature, both energy saving and environmental protection, thermal effect and excellent, as well as people say, "the use of this German pot, a candle can get a delicious food." German production A pot, you can spend 100 years, so many Germans are used to pass down the pot of grandmother. For the Germans, any kind of kitchen utensils, life only need to buy once, do not need to buy a second time, because you have not used it for life. The German production of simmer soup with the pot, is entirely steel casting, heavy even men are a little end does not move, that pot inside the peculiar pattern, I asked a German seller: "engage in these patterns do "He said:" It is covered, the steam can be up and down the natural cycle, not easy to dry, this is a technology. "German pot, covered with a tight fit, said three minutes boil for three minutes boil, Can save you a lot of gas costs.


I have also asked a German entrepreneur, why the German products at every turn on "can use 100 years" it? He replied: "There are two reasons. One reason is that we have no resources in Germany, almost all important industrial raw materials are imported by foreign countries, so we must make the best use, as far as possible to extend the use of this Is the biggest savings in raw materials. Another reason is that we Germans believe that the quality of the product is good or bad, mainly reflected in the 'durable' on.


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