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How small & medium enterprises enter industry 4.0

日期: 2017-06-08
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If say how to embrace the traditional industry and industry 4.0, Rather than to day  the traditional manufacturing-oriented enterprises how to upgrade.


Most of the current domestic enterprises are in the industrial 2.0 and industrial 3.0 between only Haier, Foxconn and a few large-scale manufacturing enterprises to achieve the industry 4.0 process, such as Haier's interconnection factory, Foxconn robot workshop transformation and robot design Production and export, and so on. The premise is that these two companies have the opportunity to achieve industrial 4.0. Haier and more than a decade ago to achieve the integration of global production and sales related to a large number of foreign advanced production technology have been timely introduction; Foxconn is more than a decade for Apple and other well-known foreign manufacturers to do OEM, some precision components The installation requirements must have the latest technology, can be counted as a last resort, in cooperation with foreign companies were forced to upgrade the production equipment.


From the product point of view, in addition to a highly integrated circuit boards and other electronic equipment, the domestic market is currently on the industrial 4.0 standard production needs are not too big. But the face of doubling the growth of manpower, management, warehousing, logistics and many other aspects of the cost of rising, the majority of enterprises for the transformation and upgrading of the demand is still relatively large. Such as wow ha ha Although the production of food business, but most of its production workshop to achieve the robot operation. In addition to large enterprises with large enough funds to match the industry 4.0 pipeline, small and medium enterprises in the current want to do this is very difficult This requires a high degree of enterprise information and data, but also requires the workshop staff have sufficient knowledge reserves and operational capacity. There are many domestic manufacturers are imported from abroad automated production equipment, because of various reasons and their transformation into semi-automatic equipment.


However, these traditional enterprises sooner or later to achieve industrial 4.0, or because of low production efficiency and a lot of pollution was eliminated by the new industrial era. How to achieve it?


First of all, should see their own development situation. If it is indeed because of pollution, inefficiency and other reasons facing the need to be eliminated, you need to find ways to transform the production facilities, to abandon the original part of the pollution ineffective, you can consider the industry standard 4.0, if not, you can part of the realization The


Secondly, if your production workshop is in the absence of upgrading, you can outsource production to industrial production standards with industrial 4.0 standard. This is also your business will go down in the industrial chain, into a business rather than manufacturers.


Thirdly, to do subversive, will own the original production model completely broken. Including the production equipment also do an innovation, redesign fully in line with the industrial production model 4.0, such as intelligent hardware.



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