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Made in China 2025 "Strategy: How does China's manufacturing industry go out

日期: 2017-06-08
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Made in China 2025



"Made in China has a wide range of inland development hinterland, complete industrial conditions, a huge consumer market support and strong manufacturers of manufacturing and other advantages. Made in China can be used for space for time, to breathe, to continue to develop. As the World manager management expert blogger Liu Chengyuan said.

But now it seems that the shortage of manufacturing talent, increasing production costs, lack of market demand, ushered in a weak period, these competitive advantages have not been fully utilized, the prospects for China's manufacturing is not optimistic. China's trade surplus with the United States and Europe is huge, so that the rise of US-Europe trade protectionism, anti-dumping measures against China, trade barriers continue to increase, these are "Made in China" problems.



 Made in China 2025



In the seventies and eighties of the last century, "Made in Germany" was once the "world factory" British scoff, and now Germany has created numerous well-known brands, it is early two years ago put forward the "Industrial 4.0 plan."


1.Germay has its unique technician system. Former German President Herzog said, "In order to maintain economic competitiveness, Germany does not need more doctors, but more technicians." Although it is extremely speaking, but also tells the high skill The special importance of the German real economy.

2. German technology embodied in the research and development, focus on superior forces, in-depth study of limited areas, resulting in extraordinary originality and uniqueness. Technician system and research and development in the originality of German companies are usually used in two ways, but also the German economy lasting strong one of the root causes.




Made in China 2025





2. Take high of the staff's  training, pay attention to internal promotion. In Japanese companies, generally have the opportunity to go abroad training, to enhance the skills of employees and the overall quality. In terms of recruiting talent, it is prioritized to meet the needs of the job through internal regulation. This will save a lot of unnecessary time and start work as soon as possible.



Made in China 2025





Although the pressure is huge, but the direction of the road or forward. The current and future period, we must firmly grasp the new round of science and technology and industrial revolution to bring the historic opportunity to implement a more conducive to the development of real economic policy measures in the new environment to reshape the "Made in China"  will be more comparative advantage .


The "China-made 2025" strategy, and further for the next decade of manufacturing planning the development of the road, pointed out the direction, adhere to the "innovation-driven, quality first, green development, structural optimization, talent-based" basic policy , Adhere to the "market-oriented, government guidance, based on the current, long-term, overall advance, focus on breakthroughs, independent development, open cooperation," the basic principles, through the "three-step" to build China into a manufacturing power.

Guangdong Institute of Lean Management




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