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3 Phase 380V Servo Driver

Product Name: 3 Phase 380V Servo Driver

Lichuan 3 Phase 380V servo driver support speed, position control mode mode, can match the domestic 150 ~ 180 series, 7.5KW following AC servo motor. Servo main IC using the United States Texas Instruments DSP all-digital chip, the module is the choice of imports of Mitsubishi, other major components are used well-known brands at home and abroad, the software features stable, low failure rate, adaptive driver 2.7KW ~ 7.5KW servo motor.

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380V Servo driver standard specification


Input power

AC380V  -15%~+10%

Driver current




Matched Motor




Operating Evironment

Working :45℃,Storage:-40℃~55℃


40%~80% No dewing

Atmospheric pressure


Control method

Position control  ②JOG control  ③Speed control  ④Internal pulse control

Pulse instruction

Pulse + direction  ②CW+CCW Pulse   ③Two-phase AB orthogonal pulse

Control precision


Response frequency


Pulse frequency


Speed ratio


Regenerative resistor


Electronic gear


Overload capacity


Feedback pulse


Display function

Motor speed, motor current, motor position, position deviation, command pulse number, pulse frequency, linear speed

Protective function

Speed, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, tolerance, encoder failure, temperature is too high, internal chip failure, module failure



 3 Phase 380V Servo Driver


3 Phase 380V Servo Driver

3 Phase 380V Servo Driver


 3 Phase 380V Servo Driver

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Suitable for a variety of sports control areas of automation equipment and equipment, such as: mechanical arm, woodworking machinery, CNC lathes, extruder, key machine, pipeline transformation, non-standard equipment.

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