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Domestic servo motor system development course

Date: 2020-08-13
Clicks: 241
Date: 2020-08-13
Clicks: 241

Domestic servo motor system development course

Servo motor system belongs to the industrial control industry high-tech, high precision, fast speed, positioning accurate products, its heat is small, widely used in the industry, its after-sales service is also relatively troublesome stepper motor.

   China's servo market has a large capacity, but China's servo industry has just started, foreign brands have entered and occupied the majority of the market, domestic servo to compete with them, there is still a hard battle to fight. An industry insider talked about the current status of the domestic servo industry, the talk revealed some concerns

       At present, foreign brands, including those from Japan, Europe and America, account for nearly 90% of the market share of China's communication servo market. Among them, the Japanese products is to have about 60% of the market share and scale in the first place, the famous brands such as panasonic, send the g (fanuc, mitsubishi electric, yaskawa, sanyo, Fuji, and so on, the product features is the comparison of the technical and performance standards meet the needs of users in China, with good cost performance and high reliability for the stable and continuous source of customers, especially in the small and medium-sized OEM market monopoly advantage. In recent years, Japanese servo has strengthened its localization strategy, which has greatly increased its bargaining power in terms of price and fast delivery. In view of the above characteristics, Japanese servo brands are the biggest beneficiaries of China's servo market, but also the largest domestic servo competitors.

        In contrast, domestic servo brands started late. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 large-scale servo brands in China, mainly including Huazhong CNC, Guangzhou CNC, Nanjing Eston, Hollysys Motor and so on. Among them, Central China CNC and Guangzhou CNC mainly focus on CNC machine tool industry; Nanjing Eston, on the basis of independent innovation servo technology, provides ac servo system products for the whole industry of mechanical equipment, and forms a unique competitive advantage in the domestic AC servo system market with its full range of product coverage and good product performance.

        Throughout servo market pattern in China, it's not hard to see that the domestic servo is at a disadvantage, investigate its reason, generally there are three: first, most of the domestic manufacturers don't grasp core technology servo - the core software to write, but rather rely on import, this not only increases the cost, also hard to adapted to the specific needs of customers to do adjustment; Secondly, the lack of high-end technical talents also leads to the lack of research and development of servo products. The servo industry is a high-tech industry in the final analysis. Without a large amount of human resources investment, it will be difficult to achieve success. Third, the product maturity is not enough, the marketing and customer service system is not perfect, the brand influence has not been established, the favorable information has not been effectively reached to the customer, which also affects the customer's final choice to a large extent.

   Foreign brands or domestic brands? This is the problem faced by domestic servo customers. The former has stable product quality and good performance, but it is often unable to provide diversified services required by customers, while the latter has comparative advantages in price and can provide personalized services.


       According to the analysis of industry insiders, the top three purchasing factors of domestic servo users are product reliability, price and service, which have also become several major factors that manufacturers should pay attention to. Because in the long run, in order to increase their market share and brand influence, servo manufacturers must take the lead in the above three aspects. Perhaps this is in the groping domestic servo indicated with the import servo comprehensive competition point.

       First, the mastery of core technologies. The compilation of core control software is the foundation of AC servo products. As long as you master the 'brain' of servo, you can control and master its 'thoughts and thoughts' and fundamentally guarantee the basic performance of servo. Some domestic servo manufacturers rely on imported software to manufacture servo, which is actually just doing some OEM work, enterprises also lack core competitiveness. In the long run, only those manufacturers who develop their own servo control software and dynamically adjust it to customers' needs will be successful in the market.

        The second is the investment of financial resources and manpower. The development of servo industry not only needs a large amount of capital investment, but also needs the intellectual investment of advanced science and technology talents. The servo industry is a long-term industry, and the servo brand cannot be established overnight. The rise of Fanuc in Japan is closely linked to the strong support of Fujitsu Group, which has invested a total of 10 years in the initial stage of Fanuc, with a total capital of over $1 billion. The accumulation of talent is equally important. Some people say that only the patient can do a good job of servo, which on the one hand shows the hardships of servo research and development, on the other hand also implies the difficulty of servo talent training and accumulation.

        Then there is the satisfaction of customer needs. Customer demand is the baton of the manufacturer, in the brand - rich servo market, only to satisfy customers, orders will continue. As far as customer needs are concerned, server vendors will face two challenges: the dual demands for products and services.

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