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Notes for use of servo motor

Date: 2020-08-13
Clicks: 341
Date: 2020-08-13
Clicks: 341

Servo motor runs smoothly, with low noise and high precision. Therefore, it is necessary to know some knowledge of motor maintenance, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  一、Servo motor oil and water protection

  A:Servo motors can be used where water or oil droplets can attack, but they are not completely waterproof or oil resistant. Therefore, the servo motor should not be placed or used in water or oil-invaded environments.

  B:If the servo motor is connected to a reduction gear, the use of the servo motor should be lubricated to prevent oil from the reduction gear from entering the servo motor

  C:Do not immerse the servo motor cable in oil or water。

  二、Servo motor cable → stress relief

  A:Ensure that the cable is not subjected to torque or vertical loads due to external bending forces or its own weight, especially at the outlet or connection of the cable.

  B:In the case of servomotor movement, the cable (that which comes with the motor) should be securely attached to a stationary part (relative to the motor) and it should be extended by an additional cable mounted in the cable support so that the bending stress can be minimized.

  C:The bend radius of the cable should be as large as possible.

  三、Servo motor allowed shaft end load

  A:Ensure that the radial and axial loads added to the servo motor shaft during installation and operation are controlled within the specified values for each type.

  B:Extreme care must be taken when installing a rigid coupling, especially as excessive bending loads may cause damage or wear to the shaft ends and bearings

  C:It is best to use flexible couplings to keep the radial load below the allowable value, which is specially designed for servo motors with high mechanical strength.

  D:For allowable axle loads, see Allowable Axle Loads Table (Instruction manual).

  四、Attention to servo motor installation

  A:Do not hammer the shaft end directly when installing/removing the coupling to the servo motor shaft end. (Hammer directly hits the shaft end, and the encoder at the other end of the servo motor shaft will be broken)

  B:Strive to align shaft ends to optimum condition (poor alignment may result in vibration or bearing damage)

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