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Analysis on market scale and brand competition of servo motor

Date: 2020-08-11
Clicks: 536
Date: 2020-08-11
Clicks: 536

Modern AC SERVO system has experienced the transition from analog to digital, digital control loop has been everywhere, such as commutation, current, speed and position control; New Power Semiconductor device, high performance DSP plus FPGA, and dedicated servo modules. International manufacturer SERVO products will be replaced every 5 years, new power devices or modules will be updated every 2 ~ 2.5 years, the new software algorithm is changing rapidly, in short, the product life cycle is getting shorter.


In recent years, various manufacturers at home and abroad have introduced new technologies and new products for AC Servo motion control, such as full-closed-loop AC servo drive technology, linear motor drive technology, PCC technology, fieldbus-based AC servo motion control technology, motion control card, DSP multi-axis motion controller, etc. . Summing up the servo manufacturers at home and abroad technical routes and product routes, combined with changes in market demand, we can see some of the latest market trends.


Market conditions


1. Size and underlying trends of the domestic market

The market scale of domestic AC SERVO was about 2 billion RMB in 2006. In recent years, the market scale has maintained a compound annual growth rate of more than 25% , among all the automation products, it is among the fastest growing. And with the acceleration of the transfer of the world's manufacturing industry to China, the rapid development of home-made numerical control equipment to high performance and high added value with the support of the state policy, the performance-to-price ratio of home-made AC servo systems has improved rapidly, the market for AC SERVO systems will continue to grow rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of around 20% expected by 2010. The customer areas of Chinese servo products are mainly distributed in east, south and north China, among which the east China market (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong) accounts for 45% , the south China of Guangdong and the north China of Beijing and Tianjin each accounts for about 15% . About 10% in central and northeast China. The East China market is the largest consumer market for Servos and this trend will continue. Currently, the top three purchasing factors for domestic users are reliability, price and service. This also shows that the domestic AC servo market is still in a relatively low stage, the full use of performance and function is not placed in the position. In the long run, the key success factors of servo manufacturers should be the price performance, reliability, technical content, market share and brand influence.



2. Brand competition in the domestic market

The current brand competition in the domestic AC Servo market is very similar to the inverter market more than 10 years ago. At that time, imported (mainly Japanese Fuji and Sanken) products accounted for more than 90% of the market share. After 10 years of struggle, home-made frequency converters have occupied the middle and low end of the market, in the overall market share and imported products are two-thirds of the world, and the emergence of a number of strength, but also a number of technology manufacturers, one of which has a high-power inverter in the sub-market leader leader. The domestic AC servo motion controller manufacturers study foreign advanced technology, but also developed a number of special industries for the application of patents and general products, and in the market expected good evaluation. From the manufacturers'point of view, Japanese brands have certain advantages in price, and in terms of performance, they can meet the needs of Chinese small machine oems. Therefore, in this statistics, matsushita Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric and Sanyo have occupied nearly half of the market capacity of the entire AC Servo motion control products, at the forefront of the market. In addition, other such as Fuji, Omron also outstanding in some industrial areas, and led to the development of its other series of products. Compared with other imported products, the advantage of Japanese AC servo products lies in price, specialization and systematization. On this level, the brand evolution of AC servo control products will be dominated by Japanese brands for a long time. European and American brands such as Siemens, Rexroth and Lunz hold a share of high-end equipment and production lines, with high performance and high prices, of which Siemens is most typical. Other European and American brands such as AB, Schneider, Danach, Kirby, GE, and becalmed have maintained high growth rates in their specific sectors. In the last two or three years, servo manufacturers from Taiwan have set up factories in China and have intensified their marketing efforts, mainly Delta and Dongyuan. Their technical level and price level are all between imported mid-end products and domestic brands, in the competition, the main outstanding cost-effective advantage, domestic brands brought new competitive pressure, market share from a few years ago to about 5% . Domestic brands in China mainly include Hollysys Motor, central China numerical control, Guangshu, Lanzhou Motor, etc. . Recently, manufacturers such as Nanjing Easton, Shanghai Erdos, Xinlichuan and Jabao have appeared, announced the introduction of AC servo products no less than 20 domestic manufacturers.


Looking ahead, with the continuous decline in Servo prices, AC Servo market acceptance continues to rise, the low-end market has a very large growth space, so the local manufacturers will still have a lot to do; At the same time, Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturers will also benefit from the overall market expansion, the market share of European and American brands will gradually decline, but still maintain a high level of gross margin. Domestic brands are not only deficient in product performance, quality and variety, but also in technology reserves, production capacity and capital strength of the huge gap can not be filled in a day or two. If domestic brands want to break through, they need not only patience and continuous investment, but also take the route of differentiation in competitive strategy.


In short, Chinese brand manufacturers are facing enormous challenges and development opportunities at the same time, shoulder heavy responsibilities.

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