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The importance of technical transformation of machine tool industry to China's equipment manufacturi

Date: 2020-08-13
Clicks: 213
Date: 2020-08-13
Clicks: 213

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China Minister Li Yizhong has repeatedly stressed the need for technological change in response to the crisis. At present, the state has invested 20 billion yuan in special funds for technological transformation, which will boost the scale of 400 billion yuan investment by local governments. As an 'industrial machine' , machine tool industry plays an important role in the whole equipment manufacturing industry, and is also the most basic and wide-ranging industry in the technical transformation. Recently, Wu Bailin, director general of China Machine Tool Industry Association, analyzed the Status Quo of China's machine tool technology transformation, the existing difficulties and bottlenecks, as well as the government's support policy and other issues.


The necessity of machine tool transformation is highlighted

   Technical transformation is a big concept, including equipment transformation, process transformation, plant transformation, upgrading of testing means, optimization of logistics system, selection of new materials, etc. , is around the enterprise product development and manufacturing conditions to improve the transformation. Equipment transformation is divided into two parts, namely, 'buy new' and 'change the old' . 'Buy new' , as the name suggests, is to buy new, advanced equipment. 'change the old' that is through transformation, so that the old equipment re-coruscate new life, in order to continue and improve its function. In the equipment transformation, the manufacture equipment transformation is the main part, but the machine tool transformation is the manufacture equipment transformation most basic, the most important link. For example, ordinary machine tools (non-cnc machine tools) into CNC machine tools, small size machine tools into large size machine tools, rough machine tools into finishing machine tools, and so on. Thus, as 'industrial mother machine' machine tool is the most basic link in the whole technical transformation.


   Whether it is 'buying new' or 'changing old' , technological transformation will undoubtedly play a positive role in the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, especially at a time when the international financial crisis has had a negative impact on the real economy, the advantage of high cost performance of home-made equipment will be further demonstrated. Similarly, in the transformation of machine tools, it will undoubtedly create a rare opportunity for the development of domestic CNC systems and other functional components enterprises.


   At present, the investigation of more than 100 main machine tool enterprises shows that the numerical control rate of their machine tool equipment (by number) is about 14.6% , and the gap is very large compared with foreign countries. It is quite common for machine tool enterprises to manufacture finishing machine tools with roughing machine tools and to manufacture high-grade CNC machine tools with ordinary machine tools. In addition, most ordinary machine tools have serious security risks, so the machine tool transformation space is very large, the necessity is also very prominent.


Calls for more tough policy support

   In recent years, the government has been calling on business users to purchase domestic equipment as much as possible during technological transformation. Most of these policies are incentive policies, mainly reflected in tariffs. For example, if domestic mature products to achieve the performance of similar products abroad, then enterprises if the procurement of similar products abroad will not enjoy duty-free treatment.


   It is found that the list of foreign machine tool products enjoying duty-free treatment is decreasing year by year, which reflects the effect of our country's policy and the improvement of our country's machine tool manufacturing capacity. In addition, in 2008, the government launched the measures for the management of the first set of major technological equipment tests and demonstration projects, to Push Domestic high-grade numerical control machine tools into national key projects such as aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, electronic information, power generation equipment, engineering machinery, transportation equipment, etc. , the application of the first set of domestic high-grade NC machine tool is supported by demonstration project.


   At present, the national policy embodies 'blocking' and 'thinning' two aspects, can be described as a two-pronged approach. 'blocking' is to strengthen import inspection; 'thinning' is to use the first set of demonstration projects to promote the application of the first set of domestic numerical control equipment, to enhance the confidence of the industry users in domestic equipment. Of course, the government has also introduced mandatory intervention policies. I suggest that the government should introduce more strong policies to restrict imports, encourage industry users to use domestic CNC machine tools and CNC systems, especially government-funded projects. It is also important that the capacity for policy implementation needs to be further strengthened.


   The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China published the investment orientation of technological progress and technological transformation in equipment manufacturing industry (2009-2011) , which covers 49 products in the machine tool industry. Its aim is to promote the industrialization of these 49 products, and further enhance the manufacturing capacity of domestic equipment. At present, the machine tool industry technical transformation investment projects have been issued in three batches, about 30 projects have been implemented, a total project size of about 15 billion yuan.


   As for the problem of talents, there are two aspects: On the one hand, for the enterprises of machine tools and numerical control systems, they should vigorously develop their own technical R & D talents and improve product quality; on the other hand, for the users of the industry, efforts should be made to raise the level of adoption of new technologies by employees.

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