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2010 Year
Company moved to the new site (office area from the original 500 square meters increased to the back of nearly 1,000 square meters).

· March 2010 A series of servo successfully listed, the maximum capacity can be made to 5.5KW.2 applications for invention patents, 2 software product registration.

· June 2010 analog step driver development success, the first launch of the 2-phase 42,57,86 series drive, introduced less than 6 months with good market reputation.

· November 2010 three-phase stepper drive began to market, adapt to all three-phase stepper motor, with a very cost-effective advantage,accupied lots market share.


2011 Year

· May 2011 a number of products by the domestic title.

· June 2011 and Shandong University of Technology to set up a "motion control research center."

· September 2011  B series servo market, the drive adapter 100W ~ 7.5KW servo motor, and apply for high-tech technology software companies.


2012 Year

February 2012, B + series servo drive for tapping machine industry needs, adding a suitable tapping machine for the function, and achieved good results.

March 2012, the first batch of digital stepper drive developed successfully, began to market, the drive mainly used in the United States IT research and development

of DSP digital signal processor to support single / double pulse, excellent performance, efficiency than the analog increase of about 40 % .


2013 Year

April 2013, AB series servo drive developed, the series of servo drives to take the main speed mode, for different industries put forward a more reliable solution.

October 2013, Company moved to the new site ((office area from the original more than 1,000 square meters to now more than 2000 square meters).

November 2013, with the Southwest Jiaotong University to achieve industrial automation research project cooperation projects, procurement 

Lichuan 750W series of servo as a study object.


2014 Year

March 2014, the new servo driver was developed to market with more mature and stable performance. The driver supports speed, torque, position and three hybrid switching modes. Built-in MODBUS communication control, support automatic / semi-automatic gain , Driver 100W ~ 2.6KW servo motor.

June 2014, Company also introduced two heavyweight closed-loop stepper drivers: LCDA86H and LCDA357H. Drive closed-loop stepper motor can reach

1500 r / min, make up for the ordinary stepper motor low speed and servo motor price characteristics.

October 2014, Company's stepper drives and servo drives were CE certified.


2015 Year

April 2015 developed a precision current control technology designed high-segment stepper motor driver: MC425A, suitable for driving 28/39/42 series stepper motor, which driver exquisite workmanship, low noise, low temperature, fast speed characteristics.

June 2015, apply for registration "Xlichaun" brand trademark.Moreover , Alibaba international trade website officially launched, began to expand overseas markets.

July 2015, according to market demand,introduction of economic 3 phase stepper driver LC3722D, which drive cost-effective, stable and help customers save lots cost

August 2015, in order to enhance the company's brand image and facilitate foreign exchange settlement and settlement, the establishment of Lichuan (HK) Limited.

October 2015, New 3 phase stepper driver: LC3722A successful research and development, at an affordable price, more stable performance to impress customers.In recently 2 years ,we have a big development ..



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